The materials used in soccer cleats

Written by Soccer

Different players have preferences when it comes to the upper used in their soccer cleats. There are various options ranging from leather to synthetic on both mens and womens soccer cleats. Here is a listing of all the main materials along with their primary characteristics:

Kangaroo leather – Cleats made with kangaroo leather uppers have a premium feel and mold to your feet. Kangaroo leather uppers are also very durable. However, due to price and activists, there are very few models available now.

Natural leather – Calfskin and goat are the primary sources of leather for cleats. Natural leather boots provide a unique feel for the ball and are worth considering.

Synthetic leather – Diadora Soccer and other top vendors are all producing better and better synthetic leathers. Even then there is still a difference, and you don’t have the same feel of the ball. The good news is that since these are synthetic, the manufacturers can add additional features like waterproofing. In the next few years, we should see synthetic leather that is a match for natural leather regarding on the ball feel.

Synthetic – Synthetic uppers offer a completely different feel from leather. Also, there is also no stretching over time so take that into consideration when buying a pair. The materials are thin, so the feel for the ball is quite different.

There four are the most common types of uppers on the market. Try each of them at the store and get a feel for which one suits you.