How Fermentation Sets the Stage for Vodka

Vodka, the enigmatic and beloved spirit admired across the globe, holds within it a hidden world of alchemy that leaves connoisseurs in awe. While it is often associated with Russia and Poland, the art of vodka-making stretches its wings far beyond borders, as showcased by the award-winning NEFT Vodka from Austria. At the heart of this mystique lies the captivating process of fermentation, where the transformation from simple grains to a refined elixir begins.

The mesmerizing journey of vodka fermentation commences with a crucial decision: the choice of base ingredients. Whether it’s the noble grains of wheat, rye, or corn, each imparts its unique essence to the spirit. The selected grains are milled to reveal their starchy core, serving as the foundational canvas for the upcoming alchemical transformation.

Next, the mash emerges as the result of a harmonious marriage between the milled grains and water. Here, a secret agent steps in: enzymes. They skillfully convert the dormant starches into fermentable sugars, awakening the hidden potential within the mash. This transformative process, known as saccharification, sets the stage for the magic that follows.

With the introduction of yeast, the stage comes alive with a symphony of fermentation. The yeast’s enchanting dance with the fermentable sugars leads to a miraculous metamorphosis – the sugars metamorphose into alcohol, and the mash comes alive with carbon dioxide. Under the watchful eye of temperature-controlled vessels, like stainless steel or wooden tanks, the transformation unfolds. The rhythm of fermentation varies, guided by the artisan’s vision for the vodka’s flavor profile and the spirit’s unique recipe.

As the final act commences, the post-fermentation wash advances to the realm of distillation. Here, the ethereal transformation truly comes to fruition. The wash takes its place in the still, where heat breathes life into the dance. The ethereal vapor of alcohol rises, separating from the other components in the wash. The choice of still, whether the classical pot still or the continuous column still, imparts its own mark on the spirit’s essence. As the vapor cools and condenses, it returns to liquid form, marking the completion of this mystical journey.

But the journey doesn’t end there. An extra quest awaits: filtration. This quest polishes the elixir, refining it to perfection. Various methods, from charcoal filtration to the assistance of precious metals like silver, partake in this purification process, ensuring the spirit emerges with unparalleled smoothness and clarity.

Should you seek to immerse yourself in the essence of vodka’s timeless alchemy, NEFT Vodka stands as a testament to excellence. Unconstrained by additives or artificial influences, NEFT Vodka embraces the clarity of the finest base ingredients, alongside naturally filtered spring water. A true delight for adventurers and tastemakers alike, NEFT Vodka invites you to embark on an extraordinary vodka experience like no other.