How different age groups should practice soccer at home

Written by Top Soccer Buy 

Summary: It is crucial for aspiring young soccer players to practice at home. Children under eight should focus on shooting, while children between eight and twelve should add ball mastery to their practice. Children over 12 should add juggling and start practicing moves at full speed.

Practicing at home is an important way for soccer players of all ages to hone their skills. Here are how children of different age brackets can practice at home and improve their game:

Children under eight

Children who are under eight years old should practice shooting in the back yard. Children of that age do not have much power in their kicks. This lack of power means that there is no difference between a shot and a pass, so they will essentially practice both at once. The key to rapid improvement is to insist that he or she uses the weaker leg as much.

Between eight and twelve

Children at these ages need to practice their ball mastery. Fortunately, only a little space and a ball are all they will need. Once again, it is important that they practice mastery with both feet. They can move on to more advanced skills once they know and are proficient in the basics.

Over 12 years

In addition to ball mastery, slightly older children should add air juggling to the mix. A good way to improve air juggling is to ask them to try and beat their highest score. Slightly older players should start adding sprints and full speed moves to their plan.