How to Decide on the Right Soccer Shoes

Written by Soccer

The right cleats are essential elements of players’ soccer bags. With proper footwear players are able to tap into their skills and yield their best performance. However, comfort is also an aspect that should not be neglected in the choice. The right soccer cleats depend on personal preferences and the type of game played.


Preference for soccer shoes usually depend on the position played. For example, goalkeepers tend to look for a good traction in their shoes. Defense players need more protection and prefer shoes that enable them to perform good passes. Midfielders need efficiency with comfort in order to sustain an even performance for a long period of time. Wing players require lightweight cleats in order to run fast. Forwards would prefer shoes that help them in their strikes while being lightweight enough to ensure comfort.


Some women players would be having narrower feet compared to male counterparts. Soccer cleats for women are designed to provide a good fit to gain maximum control of the ball. However, some female players prefer men’s cleats as a personal preference. The choice would therefore be quite subjective when it comes to gender differences.


Futsal or indoor soccer shoes have flat rubber outsoles since they are specifically made for the indoors. These types of shoes are good to be worn at the gym or in recreation center games. Soccer shoes for indoor purposes usually have a lower fit and look more like a sneaker.

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