Discover Holistic Futsal

Holistic Futsal is a complete learning system to help you teach Futsal in a holistic context. Teach the fast paced, total defending and attacking, precision passing and finishing, and Futsal will be as easy as ABC.
You will find Holistic Futsal book is different from your run of the mill coaching book. It presents the coaching of Futsal in a unified framework combining the powers of body, mind and spirit.

Holistic Futsal shows you the way to develop Futsal players with flare, style, intelligence, creativity and a nose for the goal and in half the time others take. Buy the book here.

Inside the book you’ll find:

holistic futsal 2
  • 130 pages full of stimulating, practical, easy to understand, ready to apply information.
  • 160 functional illustrations and tables.
  • 70 illustrated exercises and games on skills, tactics and mental training.
  • Glossary of terms.