How to Break in Your New Soccer Shoes

By Top Soccer Buy 

Nothing beats getting new gear for the pitch. Putting on a brand new Adidas soccer jersey for the first time is incredible. You can’t wait to get out on the field and show it off.

However, when it comes to soccer shoes, most people feel it’s a bit of a mixed blessing. You have these awesome shows and they’re probably going to help you play better, but first you have to break them in. While you do that, your feet often pay the price.

So let’s talk about how you can avoid this as much as possible. First and foremost, simply use your hands. Stuff one into the shoe and grab the toes with your other and start wiggling the shoe around. Really bend it so that when your foot does it through the course of a game, it won’t be difficult.

Then, long before you actually wear them on the pitch, wear them around the house. If they’re cleats, just walk around the yard in them, maybe while you mow. This will help you break them in without unnecessary movement that could end up being problematic.

Finally, walk hills in them. The added angle will go a long way toward bending the shoes up even more.